Top 7 Hardy Fish for Your Freshwater Aquarium

How To Quiet A Noisy Aquarium

An aquarium can be a resource of plenty of hours of pleasure. Until the noise level drives you batty. If you have such an aquarium, below’s some ideas to silent it down.

Creating an Amazon Biotope Aquarium

Most of the World’s best freshwater fish come from the massive water supply in South America called the This river system is understood for its substantial catfish, man eating piranhas, and also reptiles like caiman and anacondas. Below we’ll have a look at how to re-create this in the house aquarium, also called an Amazon Biotope aquarium.

Betta Fish Care Guide

Bettas are some of one of the most preferred and also easily well-known fish offered in pet shops. Men are the ones you see with the lengthy fins and also striking color patterns, while ladies are a bit more drab as well as without the impressive finnage. These fish are affordable and also simple to take care of, and don’t require a huge costly fish tank.

How Do Algal Treatments Work?

There are a variety of algae kinds that can plague your fish tank or fish pond; they vary from tiny suspended cells to long filamentous forms adherent sideways or generate a scum externally. Algal spores are ubiquitous as well as are simply waiting on the ideal conditions to grow. There are numerous therapies readily available, but just how do they work and also exactly how do you know which one will be best for your situation?

How to Recognise and Treat White Spot Disease in Fish

White area condition is a really common disease of both aquatic as well as fresh water fish. The bloodsucker is a tiny, rounded ciliated protozoan and also they can produce lesions that take on the form of tiny (~ 1mm) white cystic nodules which allow sufficient to be seen by the nude eye! So, just how do you know if your fish is struggling with this illness and also what can you do regarding it?

Betta Fish Care – Simple Tips For Betta Lovers

Betta fish care is extremely essential. Get basic ideas on Betta wellness, and also more.

Starting a Small Aquarium

Starting a little aquarium can be an even harder job than beginning a larger aquarium. Keeping the water parameters stable in a small aquarium is no mean feat and also relying upon water adjustments is not an acceptable alternative to true expertise.

How to Breed GoldFish at Home: Breeding Goldfish Successfully in a Home Aquarium

Fish (Carasius auratus auratus) is just one of the most prominent as well as common tropical fish around the world. If you are aiming to breed goldfish, you might already know that they are adorable as well as they are easy to preserve. Today we will learn exactly how very easy it is to breed fish.

Trying to Manage Cichlids in My Aquarium

Regarding 6 months ago I introduced cichlids into my aquarium. The general ambience of my fish tank has actually never ever been the same because.

Pregnant Guppies and Their Gestation Period

Guppies are a preferred fish for several reasons, among which is because they reproduce so quickly, there like the bunnies of the fish world. The gestation duration for guppies can vary drastically and also there are lots of things that can influence how much time they bring their children for. Before we look at what can affect a guppies gestation period we should discuss what it generally is, usually they bring to life new infants every 25 – 35 days yet things like age, water temperature, variety of generates and even stress levels can impact these numbers.

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