Top 5 Dither Fish to Help Shy or Aggressive Fish


So in today’s video we’re going to be doing the top five Dither fish for your aquarium. Now, in this video, we’re going to talk about five, really good fish to put above some scared or shy fish in an aquarium to make them come out a bit better or feel a bit more comfortable.

Basically, in today’s video I’m going to give you some recommendations and some little pieces of information on each one of these fish to make sure you have some success with them and without any further ado, let’s get started. Before I start getting into the list you guys might be asking like: what’s is dither fish. So some fish in the aquarium hobby, for instance, plecos, and things like that, come from an environment where they’re like in the bottom of a river or something like that, like a lake and normally they’re used to having lots of little tiny tetras and things like that swimming around them.

Now, when those fish aren’t around, it normally means that there are predators around so they go and they get scared and they hide and they’re really on alert looking for these predators because they’re used to seeing the tetras and stuff like that around. We can have some plecos or something like that in an aquarium and they can have no dither fish above them and we might not even know it but the whole time they’re not coming out because they’re scared, because I think there’s a predator around so the other fish can be really useful to make lots of shy corridors plecos, for instance, are the first thing that comes to my head come out, but another thing to do the fish can do is also try and take away aggression from fish towards each other.

So, for instance, if we’ve got like two rams in a tank, so some German blue rams in a tank and they’re constantly fighting it’s the same with angelfish, they’re constantly looking at each other, trying to take a certain spot of the aquarium and do the same thing towards each other. What if we add, say some fish around so some tetras around in that aquarium? They’re going to be constantly looking around and trying to fly off the tetras instead of each other and basically, they’re just going to eventually give up and then maybe every Now and then they can, like you know, get aggressive towards each other, but for the most part, they’re not going to be aggressive and basically the fish can become really really useful for that.

Top 5 Dither Fish


So with that being said, number five on my list is going to be rasboras. So this includes lots of little micro rasboras, so chili rasboras, harlequin rasboras, lamb, chop, rasboras, you name it. All of these are really really good dither fish. So basically, any schooling rasbora is going to be really good in a nano aquarium or 10-gallon tank with some plecos, or something like that, just to make them feel a little bit more comfortable in that aquarium.

So rasboras are generally very easy to take care of. They take six to a 7.5 ph. You’re gonna want to get like six to eight of these guys at least, I’d recommend, probably getting like 15. If I could and they’re gonna school around the aquarium neon tetras wood or something like that very, very easy to take care of. They’ll just eat flakes and little micro pellets and stuff like that they’re very easy to take care of. In general, they’re very very good display fish, they’re not going to easily breed in that aquarium, so they’re not going to like overpopulate your aquarium, like guppies, could a very, very good dither fish to add to your aquarium.


Number four on my list is going to be dither fish for quite a large tank. So if you’ve got like a 55 gallon with some bigger types of fish or a lot of like little tiny like you’ve got a big aquarium, a really good fish is going to be rainbow fish. So personally, I would recommend getting maybe some bosmanis or some dwarf neon rainbows.

I’d get again a school of eight to ten of these guys, maybe even more. If I could, they’re gonna just go around the top and they’re gonna be all schooling and stuff like that and they’re gonna hopefully act as a really good dither for a lot of your scared or shy fish. These guys aren’t gonna be great to have fish taking aggression out on. So you don’t really want to have angelfish in there and try and diffuse the aggression with these guys because they’re not going to be the best option for you.

But these guys, if you’ve got plecos in your tank, can be a really really good fix for creating them like making the plecos feel safe. So super easy to breed as well. All you need to do is make a spawning mop and chuck it in there and take it out and basically will have eggs on it. If you have kept your fish well, fair and comfortable they’ll take any kind of food, so I personally feed lots of tropical flakes some pellets, and every now and then I’ll give some blood worms or something like that just to vary up the diet.

But one of my favorite fish super cool looking and they will take that ph of 7.5 down to six, like the rats boys will. They look really cool and I read a lot of these guys as well and then.


Number three on my list is gonna be guppy. So these guys not one of the best dither fish out there, but I had to put them in this list because they are into the fish. So I would recommend these guys in maybe like a basic community aquarium where you’re just trying to get like a pleco or something to come out. Some guppy’s gonna be really good because they’re just gonna swim around the top – and you know the pleco’s gonna feel like there’s no predators around or anything like that. I

wouldn’t recommend keeping these guys with big fish like angelfish, for instance, because the angelfish are just gonna gobble them up when they’re big enough because angelfish get quite big and emails are gonna be able to fit those little tiny, baby, guppies and juvenile guppies in their mouth, so it can become quite a mess, but these guys are really good like I said just in a community tank with some quarries or something like that. That’s how I would use this for the fish.


Number two is going to be danios. So I’m referring to your leopard danios and your zebra danios. These guys are going to be good in either a small tank. So, like a 10-20 gallon tank have like six to eight of these guys in there or a big 55-gallon tank, because these guys are super dirty, they’re, so crazy, fast, it’s like they’re just nuts and these guys will swim around, but they’re really good in tanks with like angelfish, for instance, because they’re so quick, the angelfish can’t really get them and hurt them or anything like that, and they get quite big.

So they can’t fit in their mouths or anything like that school. These guys are gonna go around the aquarium together. If you guys want to see I’ve, read a ton of these guys, but super cool fish and one of the best to the fish in my opinion on this list.

Neon Tetra

The number one to the fish on this list is going to be the neon tetra, and this is just going to be because these guys are cheap. They probably look the best and, like I mean it’s, going to cost you like $30 to $40 to get a school of 20 of these guys in your aquarium. And it’s going to look absolutely amazing because basically, an aquarium like a planted aquarium with a ton of neon tetras is like a guaranteed good-looking tank and these guys are gonna do a great job. So I wouldn’t keep these with angelfish, but I would keep these in an aquarium with some apistogrammas or some dwarf cichlids. So maybe some crevensus or even some German blue rams and these guys will go really good.

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