Top 5 BEST Fish Tank Cleaners!

In today’s video we’re going to be doing the five best fish tank cleaners for your aquarium. Now this is a term that I absolutely hate to use. Fish tank cleaners are often referred to things that mainly take away the job of having to clean the aquarium or somehow make it like.

You don’t have to clean the aquarium at all. You’re, not going to find any fish out there or any plant or anything like that, that’s going to be able to replace the job of having to maintain an aquarium, except for yourself. I want to get that out of the way quick, because all these fish and things in this video are going to be aimed at making it a little bit easier for you, rather than making it a completely jobless thing, because in our aquarium, we’ve got this thing called the nitrate cycle and there’s nothing that’s going to keep that imbalance.

I mean lots of people talk about using something called the wall, stand method which works very, very well, but there’s still maintenance. That needs to be done, so there’s nothing really that you can do to stop the imbalances eventually occurring besides doing water changes. So now that we’ve got that out of the way in today’s video we’re in the fish room and today we’re going to be talking about the five best things that I recommend from my years of keeping fish and all the things that I’ve learned.

List of 5 Best Fish Tank Cleaners


We’re going to start this list with the fifth being like the worst. There’s, not going to be any bad fish on this list and then number one being the best. So, number five on the list is going to be Corydoras. So whatever corydoras for me are fish that I find very cute, they’re pretty fish. There’re lots and lots of different types, but the reason they’re a cleaner fish is because they’re not exactly something, that’s going to make it easier on you in the aspect of like cleaning up poop and things like that in the aquarium.

These guys going to be really good in a community tank for cleaning up the bottom of the aquarium, where all the food falls. So not things like poop, like I just said, they’re, not going to go through that kind of stuff. But they’re going to be really good at picking up any extra food that hits the bottom of the aquarium.

So that’s going to mean that there’s going to be less waste like less waste food produced down the bottom in the aquarium, which is gonna you know dank up your water and make all the nitrates and ammonia spike. So, it’s gonna be really good for you, the other thing Corydoras do as well is they go through the bottom and they sift through the bottom of the aquarium like the substrate, and they find those little pieces of food and worms and stuff like that.

If you’ve got them in your aquariums, they can be really good for keeping a constant movement on the top of your substrate over a long period of time and they’re really useful for that. Now these guys do create a lot of waste because they are catfish, so they do create a lot of poop and you’re going to need to clean up the top of the substrate clean up all that mold and stuff.

That forms over time because these guys create a lot of waste, but they’re really good for cleaning out the bottom pieces of food down the bottom of the tank. So if you guys are looking for some tips on keeping core toys, there’s going to be like a link up in the top corner, you guys can watch that video I’ll go through all the little tips like you have to make sure these guys get food, because If they’re on the bottom of the aquarium, sometimes they’re not gonna be able to get through because all the fish on the top are gonna eat it before it goes to the bottom.


Number four on my list is going to be shrimp, so these are going to be the near caridina shrimp. I’m not talking about carradinas, because they’re a little bit hard to take care of, but we’re going to be talking about nero carradina, so cherry shrimp and all that kind of stuff. These guys are really really good tank cleaners and the reason i say that is because these guys first of all, eat quite a bit of algae they’re not great at cleaning the surface of the glass of the aquarium, but off of ornaments and plants and rocks and Driftwood and things like that, these guys are really good.

The other thing, too, is I find these guys are great in like a guppy tank, where lots of food falls to the bottom, because these guys do the same as the quarries and they eat up all that extra food, and the other thing too is I mean, I’m guessing that, if you’re on this video you’re a beginner – and these guys are a fantastic thing to put into like a community aquarium with really small fish.

So these guys aren’t going to go great with big angel fish and stuff like that, like even dwarf, cichlids can sometimes be a bit big, but if you’ve got live, bearers like guppies they’re gonna be great endless are probably the best match for these guys and Just lots of little small species, so if you’re looking for some tank mates, there’s gonna be another link to another video. You guys can watch that one, but cherry shrimp are really good at cleaning up all the food that falls to the bottom and some algae. So they’re a little bit better than the corridor is because the quarries don’t eat algae.

These guys do the other thing that’s great about these guys is they produce rapidly so in the right conditions in really like in a bit cooler water, so not crazy hot. Like my fish room is in cool water. These guys produce in really good quantities, and you can also breed them for profit and things like that and then number three on my list is not going to be a fish or a shrimp invertebrate. This is going to be beginner plants, so, if you’re looking for some beginner plants, another video up in one of the corners, these guys are mainly going to be for the chemical filtration in your tanks.

So plants are really good for balancing out aquariums because they take a lot of the nasties out of the water to grow on this channel. Obviously, the channel’s called keeping fish simple. I love to keep things simple in all my aquariums. I try to keep some form of plant or another. Now a lot of my aquariums in this fish room are linked up to an auto water change system. So normally I don’t have to rely too much on plants to filter out a lot of the nasties, because I do a lot of water changes in here. But in aquariums, where you’re trying to keep the balance of you know, plants and fish and all that kind of stuff, the ecosystem together plants do a really good job of keeping the aquarium clean.

So it might not look clean like you might have some mold around the aquarium and things like that. But what the plants are going to do is fish are going to produce waste, which then is going to form like nitrites and then nitrates and what the plants are going to do is going to be able to suck out those nitrates and nitrites to grow.


They’re really beneficial for that, so they can make the aquarium a lot easier to maintain because you don’t constantly have to be doing water changes and worrying too much about the balance of chemicals getting out. So that’s why number three is plants. I’d recommend like off the top of my head. Some wisteria java moss are really good. You want to do fast, growing plants, the coyote valley scenario, there’s all different types and kinds of plants for you to choose from.


So these are really good options and number two on my list is going to be snails, so this is going to be pretty much any kind of snail because they all almost do the same thing. I keep a lot of ram spawn snails and sometimes they can become a little bit out of hand if you over feed the aquarium, but these guys are detritivores.

So what that means is they actually do eat poop on the bottom of the aquarium and re-break it down into smaller pieces of food, because i do that these guys are really good, because I also go along with the glass and they can eat some of that surface algae that forms so they’re pretty evenly matched on the cherry shrimp and the algae consumption they actually can get around on the glass which makes them a little bit better.

But these guys will break down some of that poop and eat any leftover, food and stuff. Like that on the bottom of the aquarium, now these guys are at number two because they can rapidly produce. So if you overfeed your aquarium, you’re gonna have an explosion of snails, which I have in a lot of aquariums, because I overfeed a ton because I’m trying to make stuff grow quicker. I know not great strategies, but I’m still learning how to use this fish room and all the systems inside of here.

So I don’t purposely over feed, sometimes overfeed a little bit and the snails help to clean it up. So they do clean up the aquarium pretty well, and for that reason they are a cleaner tank.

Bristlenose pleco

Number one on my list is going to be the Bristlenose plecos. So these guys are a great awesome tank cleaner there in almost every single one of my aquariums. If I need them, these guys are awesome at cleaning the surface algae off of anything. I’ve had tanks where they’re completely gross and dank and green, and these guys clean all that surface algae. So, they’re really good at eating that stuff.

They won’t eat, hair algae and they won’t eat other stuff like black beard, algae and things like that. They won’t eat that, but any of the green slime that forms on the aquarium’s glass and plants and stuff like that they’re willy now these guys also do create a lot of waste. So keep that in mind because they’re going to create a lot of waste.

The reason that they’re number one is because I just use them so often to put into like an aquarium to help clean it up. The other thing, too, is they’re a great beginner fish. They’re super hardy hard to kill, there’s lots of different types of Bristlenose. You can get nowadays, so you can get super reds! You get your commons and get albinos. You can get long fins.

You can get all different kinds of stuff, so there’s plenty to choose from, depending on what price bracket you’re going for the thing I’m going to mention with these guys is they can get pretty big, so they can get about I’d, say five inches. Sometimes I can get a little bit bigger, but that’s over a very long period of time, so these guys go great in like a 20 gallon aquarium, you can just throw one in there and they’re gonna do great, and the other thing too, with these guys, is they’re pretty easy to breed.

So, if you add like a cave to your aquarium and then like a male and a female, eventually they’re going to breed, if you give them long enough time, so they’re a really good tank cleaner for that. But the reason i put them in number one is just because of the ability to eat that algae that forms on the surface of the glass which I find impairs a lot of people’s view into the tank and something that i want clean.

So another thing too, with these guys, is you’re going to want to have a specialty food like algae wafers, because when I sold my first bristle nose, i thought they’d just eat like all the surface stuff, and I thought they’d just eat, algae and poop and stuff. Like that which they don’t so you got to feed them otherwise they’re going to die, so you need to get some algae wafers and some zucchini and green beans and stuff.

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