Top 10 Best Easy Beginner Aquarium Plants


Today we’re going to be talking about the 10 best beginner plants for your aquarium. So this video is gonna be aimed at beginners. But some of you guys, who have been keeping fish for a while might be interested. This is gonna be a list of the 10 things that I would recommend for beginners to keep if they want to delve into the whole entire planted aquarium world.

So I’d recommend anyone keeping a freshwater aquarium to consider keeping plants. This is because plants do a really good job of using up nutrients that are toxic to fish in an aquarium and they use them to grow. And it’s going to help cycle out your aquarium and pretty much act as like a natural kind of filter for all those bad chemicals. Another thing that they do is they provide surface area for heaps of beneficial bacteria and stuff to grow, and overall, I think it just looks better to have natural plants in an aquarium.

So in today’s video I’m gonna give you guys that list. Basically, I’m gonna rank this list from 10 being like my worst beginner plant, they’re, all kind of like equally as good.

Best Beginner Plants

Water Sprite

Number 10 on my list is gonna be water sprite, so water sprite is a funny little plant. This is a plant that is pretty much impossible to kill it’s a plant that you can float on the top of your aquarium. It’s also a plant that you can put in the substrate and you can plant it and all grow perfectly fine, so it gives off these kind of. Like ferny styles of looks it’s like a big bushy plant. You don’t need to have any co2 in your aquarium. You don’t need to have any fertilizers in your aquarium and in fact I just use this as a floating plant in a lot of my aquariums.

So I use this in a lot of gray light tanks. I use it to soak up a lot of those bad chemicals that we don’t want in the aquarium and it helps deal with algae and all kind of stuff. Basically, I use it to treat a lot of algae problems in my aquarium. It’s a really good plant for people who want to breathe live bears because it’s got heaps little spaces for the fryer to go and hide, and overall it’s one of my favorite beginner plants to recommend to people because it’s super easy to grow.

It grows fast. You can literally grow this off of like little leaf, cuttings and stuff, like that. It’s just crazy. So definitely a really good plant to consider if you guys are looking for something that’s gonna float also something that you can put in the substrate.

Micro Swords

Number nine is gonna be something a little bit funny and you’re probably not gonna see this on the lists on YouTube. So this is gonna be something that I’ve kind of accidentally stumbled upon and have a lot of success with and literally put no effort into doing any of this, and this is gonna be my crow sauce. So micro swords are like little tiny plants that carpet. I bought a tub of this stuff, like I don’t know, six months ago.

I put literally just can’t put a couple sprigs around this aquarium and if you look at the bottom of this aquarium, it’s absolutely covered in it. This stuff is so cool, so it creates a beautiful display without having to have any extra lighting or anything like that. I’m literally running this aquarium off with an ebay light and a sponge filled up. That’s how simple we’re getting on this channel it’s stupid literally. I just let it sit in there and it grew into the gravel sand kind of substrate and it’s just been so prosperous, so got heaps of Guppies in this aquarium. Guppies go into the grass and like have their babies, and then all the babies can hide in there and it’s been really cool.

I’ve actually like fallen in love with this plant. It doesn’t have any problems with growth and stuff like that. It’s super easy to grow. It’s gonna send runners off and capital in your aquarium and it creates like a beautiful display, so normally the other plants that you have to do to create a carpet like this. You need like CO2 injections and stuff like that and highlighting in this plant. You don’t need any of that, so I definitely recommend a little bit more. Like higher lighting, I wouldn’t recommend putting them in like no light. I don’t think they’ll do that well and also, they look better when they have a bit more light on them. So if you get away with a little cheap ebay light and have a lot of success, growing this plan.


Plant number eight on my list is gonna be Vallisneria. This is kind of like a little bit of an oddball plant. I kind of say this is a really cool plant. This is basically a really long kind of grassy plant. It’s gonna grow the same way as a Microsource. You can’t really grow it like a carpet of this stuff because it grows too tall and basically, if you look behind me, there’s like a bunch of stringy plants in this aquarium and those big stringy plants of the battle scenarios. So, it’s like sea grass kind of look.

Basically, you just plant a couple sprigs of this in your aquarium. It’s super easy to grow kind of like one of those beginner plants. A lot of people can’t kill it and basically, what it’s going to do it’s going to set itself in it might start melting away at first often, this plant will melt off your sleeves, but then it’s just gonna set in and it’s just gonna start going crazy, so it sends runners off everywhere. I’ve literally got this huge runner happening right here. I’m gonna have to pull it out because there’s just too much of this stuff growing. I like to use this one as like a around kind of plants.

So I like to line the back of an aquarium with it, let it grow up and create like, instead of having like a painted back or like a stuck on back. I just like to have a plant back, so it’s cheaper and, in my opinion, it’s easier to manage and it looks really cool. So another really good beginner plant is Vallisneria.


Number seven is going to be bacopa. So bacopa was actually my first ever aquarium plant along with the plant that I’m going to talk about at the end of this video. So bacopa is one of those plants I actually picked it up inside. Like a little bag – and it was like one of those ones cultured in a lab, so I thought it was really cool. It’s like I’m just gonna get my first live plant. Our plants is this stuff and it just literally took off like it was crazy.

So, it’s a stamp plant, it’s got lots of little like round leaves and it kind of grows similar to like grow taller and things like that. It grows up like a big stem and basically, it’s gonna send off a lot of little round leaves around it and it looks really cool. It’s super easy to grow and basically, what you can do is you can just chop the top off and you can plant the top into the bottom and get another plan so really cool plant to grow.

You’re gonna find this like almost every store and a lot of people use this, because it’s a really fast growing plant to soak up a lot of nutrients. So I wouldn’t recommend floating it, but it does really well if you plant it and like deep, the substrate, but it’s not gonna be fussy. You can just plant it in any old substrate. It’s gonna grow roots in and it’s just gonna go crazy.

Okay and a number six on my list is gonna be crypts. So crypts, I’m generally kind of like new to, I’ve only been keeping crypts for about a year and a half. I actually wasn’t too keen on the way they looked, but giving keeping them now. It’s completely changed in my mind. These guys are very similar to sorts. I’ve got a ton of them in the back here and they’re kind of like a mid to fall around kind of like background plant, there’s a whole range of different kinds of groups you can get.

So I could be more detailed and say one specific type of crypt and I guess if you guys are looking for that, I’m just gonna say the Crypt windows, so I’ve got two keeping them in the back here. They’re like kind of like a dark green kind of crypt. Basically, what they do is they plant themselves in. They have like a little base there and they send just big Leafs out instead of having like a stem or something like that, they just send Leafs out of the gravel and sand a super easy plant to grow.

Basically, the way those plant spreads is you send off little runners, but I’ve actually noticed what it does is if you take like a bunch of these little plants to plant them, what they’re going to do is create a lot of little plants inside of that so every now and then you can actually take out the big crypt and it’ll have a lot of little crypts, and then you can plant out an aquarium that way and that’s how I’ve gotten all my creosote started: the chili in a little tub and a poor crimson aquarium over here.

I’ve got crypts here and here and here so a really cool plant is actually you can sell these for a little bit of profit because they’re kind of like a more valuable plant, they take a little bit longer to grow and they’re one of my favorite plants. They look really cool and they’ve added like a different aspect of different scapes, and things like that that I can do on my aquariums.


Number five is gon a be anubias. So anubias is another really interesting style plant. This is a plant that grows off of its rhizomes, so basically, what that means is you plant its stem, which is it’s like its stems called a rhizome. You plant this on like a piece of hard scape, so like a rock or a piece of driftwood, or something like that, you plan to buy like super gluing it on. You can tie it on whatever when it does.

This grows this root on it attaches to the plant and then it grows that way. So, it’s a very slow growing plant, but it has beautiful round, leaves a bunch of different types of movies. You can get it’s one of my favorite plants. It’s super Hardy. It’s so hard to kill it’s really easy to grow. You don’t need to add anything to the aquarium.

It’s just gonna grow itself and it will take a long time to grow, but it allows you to aquascape I’ll pass to the aquarium where you didn’t think you could act, let’s go. So if you have like a big piece of driftwood in your aquarium, you want to add something to it and grow plants on that anubias. There’s gonna be a killer. okay and so plan.

Java Fern

Number four is gonna be another rhizome growing plant and this is going to be java fern. So java fern is a plant that I’ve had for a very long time. It was actually my first rhizome growing plant and it’s an absolutely awesome plant. I keep it in this. A chrome down here, pretty much got it and I think most of Mike planted aquarium. Basically this will grow it the same way. I see anubias, you just attach it to a piece of driftwood or a piece of rock whatever it’s just gon na grow it on that and the way this plant spreads is different to the anubias.

The anubias just like attaches and it keeps growing along the piece of hard scape, but the way this one’s going to reproduce is it’s going to send off little seeds on its leaves and it’s gonna grow lots of little mini java fern, so java ferns can get quite big. Sometimes you have to color cut them down, but now I’d like a different style of design to an aquarium, then what the anubias does. So basically, this it has like more ripley leaves, and it has longer leaves.

So there’s a whole bunch of different types you can get you can get neroli if you can get like the really kind of wavy one. It’s one of my favourite plants. You can make really cool bushes with it by attaching it to driftwood. It adds a lot of little hiding spots for guppy, fry and stuff, like that. If you have like big jungles about in corners of your aquarium – and I really like the way this plant looks so it’s just a really cool plant. If you guys look into something, that’s really easy to grow again, it’s really slow growing. So it’s gonna take a little bit of time for this to settle into an aquarium, but once it gets going, you can’t have so many a little like mini java. Fern, let’s drop the java fern lids, the safe that sounds so stupid. You’re gonna have here these little Java phones that you can put around your aquarium.

Java Moss

So number three is gonna be another super easy plant to grow, and this is gonna be java moss. So not java fern, java moss. So java moss is really good if you guys are breeders. So if you guys want a spawn fish or if you guys want to use this to hide some guppy fry that are in your aquarium and a little live, bear babies and stuff like that, it’s going to be an awesome plant. So basically, it’s just like a moss you’re gonna buy it by like a little table or like a ball of it, it’s gonna spread across your aquarium.

I haven’t noticed this to be super fast growing, compared to like the water sprite and stuff like that. But it is a very, very cool plant and it’s very easy to grow. So basically you can leave this stuff out in the sun and leave it there for like a year bring it back in still go to some house and it’s gonna still grow. It’s like, I’m not joking, it still will so this stuff is super easy to grow. It’s gonna create a lot of hiding spots and the best thing about it is: it creates a lot of surface area, so you’re gonna have heaps of those little beneficial bacteria and stuff like that on it helping you cycle your aquarium and it’s also gonna have lots of little tiny things that fry can eat.

So little critters and empress aureus, and things like that that I really beneficial for. It’s gonna create like a little constant source of food without you having a feedly aquarium all the time, and it’s not kind of like an Aquos gaping plant. I wouldn’t consider it, you can tie it to rocks and stuff and we’ll grow it on the rocks and you can create cooled supplies like that. But it’s a bit hard to tame. Sometimes it can get really big, but it’s really good for spawning stuff, so I’m using it to spawn neon tetras and it’s just a really good plant for breeding.

Water Wisteria

Number two on the list is gonna be water wisteria. So this, along with the bukoba, was my first ever aquarium plant, and this is an awesome plant. It’s just so good. So basically, this is pretty similar to the water sprite. It’s got, fatter leaves and basically it grows the exact same way. It’s a water sprite. So you can float it, you can put it in the substrate, but the best thing about it is I like the way it looks a little bit more than the water sprite it does it like has stems like water sprite does. It doesn’t go as well floating water, sprite kind of grows a bit better when it’s floating this stuff does a lot better when it’s planted and substrate.

Basically, what you can do is you can get a couple sprigs of it. It’s really cheap and it’s gonna grow like crazy. You can put it into your substrate and then you can chop the tops off and plant more and more. You can create like a huge bush of this stuff and, if you add fertilizers and stuff like that, it’s just gonna go nuts. I really liked it because I had heaps of got me to my aquarium and this big Bush was just housing.

So many little fries, so basically the parents would give birth and then the Frog would just go into this bush and they would never see them until I could come out and then they wouldn’t be eaten by the parents. So this is a really good plan for you guys who are looking for something, that’s gonna grow really quick. This is basically just gonna suck all the nitrates. How does your aquarium and it’s one of my favorite plants to add to like guppy, aquariums and library, aquariums in general.

Amazon Swords

Number one spot on my list of the best beginner plant is gonna be swords, Amazon swords. So basically, I actually never thought that I’d add this to the top of my list and after giving this plant for a couple of years is definitely at the top. So I was gonna add water wisteria to the top, because I thought was way easier to grow, but this is gonna be the best beginner plant and this because you literally just add this to your aquarium and it just grows.

So it’s a really cool plant. It’s not like a super-fast growing plant, but it’s one of the easiest plants and most common plants available in the aquarium hobby. Basically, I’ve got like Amazon swords in the back here, as you can see, they’re really good background plant and these guys just grow super easy. You just add them to your, and what they’re going to do is over time that you can send out with two runners and then basically you’re gonna have lots of little baby Amazon swords. So I really like this plant because if you guys can actually grow them and get them to propagate again.

You can actually sell that and you can get like quite a bit of money yet more expensive as a plant than some of those easy growing plants that you’ll find. So basically just planting, It’s gonna set a really diva system of roots into the substrate, and then it’s just gonna start to prosper. So it’s just gonna go nuts and basically it grows the exact same as the crypts do.

It’s one of those plants that just grows into the substrate and can send our huge leaves now I like to use this plant to spawn my angelfish, so the angelfish will go onto it and they’ll lay their eggs, that’s just what they like to do it. I’ve never seen them laying on anything except for that maybe a little pieces of driftwood and stuff like that, but they really do like that. So another thing that I like about this plant is because it has so much surface area. It does provide a really good area for lots of beneficial bacteria to grow, and it’s one of my favorite plants.

I just think it looks really good. Basically, there’s no aquarium with one of these in it. That doesn’t look good and for me, it just does deserve number one, because it’s super hard to kill like I haven’t, killed any of these plants before one thing I’m gonna give you a really quick disclaimer about is when you plant this normally because these plants aren’t grown underwater they’re grown immersed.

They’re gonna start to melt so they’re, basically gonna go from living out of the water in the water and the plants going to adjust. So it’s gonna melt up a couple of leaves: don’t worry, don’t throw it away, because it’s not dead be worried that this could happen. It’s normally not your fault. The plant starts to like die, it’s just melting away and then you’ll get like some new leaves coming up and then you’ll have a really good plant. So that’s pretty much the list guys.

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