The South America Tank: EPIC Aquascape Tutorial w/ Electric Blue Acara

How to Choose the Best Lighting System For Your Freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater fish tank illumination is among one of the most important elements of owing as well as maintaining a freshwater aquarium. This write-up explains the various sorts of lighting systems and also gives details about picking the best system.

Breeding Zebra Fish

Reproducing zebra fish is uncomplicated to do. These eye-catching fish are perennial favorites with aquarists as well as are dynamic and also vibrant enhancements to any fish tank.

Betta Plant Selection – Top 5 Live Plants For Your Betta Tank

Betta plant choice gives a superb opportunity for you to improve your betta’s way of living. All bettas live longer as well as fuller lives when they co-habitate with plants instead of in an empty storage tank.

Koi Colors

It is clear that the Japanese took a great deal of pride in precisely breeding koi fish to produce the different beautiful color scheme we see today. Their amazing colors and patterns are component of the reason that koi fish are still loved today and are treasured by their proprietors.

How to Create a Koi Fish Pond

Due to their gracefulness, the long life of their lives, and also their stunning colors, it is simple to see why koi fish are so preferred to outside ponds. Koi fish additionally have several traits that make them a perfect fish to flourish in an outdoors fish pond.

Sexing Fish – How to Tell Fish Gender

A really constant inquiry asked by the enthusiast when beginning with reproducing their tropical fish is, “How do I discover the sex of my fish”? Certainly the response depends extremely much on the certain varieties. With particular species there are quite apparent distinctions between the sexes however sadly with some varieties there are no obvious differences at all.

Mouth Brooding African Cichlids

Worldwide, sanctuary brooding is a kind of reproductive routine among cichlids. Numerous cichlids protect their spawn and also conceal them inside caverns, shells or simply inside the mouth of a moms and dad. To breed them, clear tidy water and also substrate varying from mud to gravel is needed (when it come to the Betta types). Dense vegetation really ought to be grown right into your aquarium. Their water temperature need to be great, state between 65 as well as 75 levels F.

Planning Out Your Freshwater Aquarium Lighting System

Illumination systems for freshwater aquariums are just one of the most typically overlooked problems when establishing a house or workplace aquarium. This post clearly demonstrates why you need to thoroughly research study and plan your freshwater aquarium lights, much like you would any kind of various other vital part.

Why Shouldn’t You Rear Fish in Fish Bowls?

Many individuals think concerning bowls as one of the most standard fish tank. However while individuals did made use of to back fishes in one, they are not specifically healthy and balanced environment for fishes, and also neither are they helpful for the fish proprietor also.

Substrates For Your Fish Tanks

Maintaining online plants in aquarium and aquariums is not as very easy as one believes. Plants need care and also initiative to survive. Like the fishes in your storage tank, they need food to endure.

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