The Harlequin Tank: 60cm Aquascape Tutorial Beautiful Planted Aquarium (How To Step By Step Guide)

All About Aquariums

Various type of fish have certain requirements with respect to diet plan, temperature level, chemicals, and compatibility with other fishes. First determine if you want freshwater fish or salt water fish, freshwater fish are simpler to deal with, however there are those that choose the higher variety available with saltwater fishes.

The Koi Fish and the Koi Pond Guide

Koi or the Japanese carp are domesticated varieties of the common carp. They are commonly raised in outdoor koi fish ponds for ornamental as well as ornamental purposes. Koi fish ponds typically have a minimum deepness of 1-1.5 meters.

Fish Tank Shape

When purchasing an exotic fish tank, there are a number of aspects to consider. Everybody will certainly take right into factor to consider rate, quality, and size. Several exotic fish caretakers, particularly if brand-new to the pastime do rule out fish tank form. Please check out even more below to learn why you ought to think about the aquarium form.

The Benefits of Freshwater Aquarium Crabs

Fish tanks have the choice of housing a lot greater than fish. Freshwater aquarium crabs can be an enjoyable and useful addition to any kind of aquarium!

Betta Splendens Are Right And Left Handed?

The Betta Splendens, much better referred to as betta fish to the exotic fish enthusiast, actually reveals left- and right-handed preferences. Yuichi Takeuchi of “Behavioral Mind Research” has researches that reveal exactly that. Takeuchi also explains that the research studies reveal an equivalent body symmetry also.

How to Choose a Fish Finder Transducer

Choosing the best fish finder transducer is a job that needs some standard knowledge on the method of a transducer, the model of fish finder and some standard experience. A transducer can be affixed to a boat in many ways. Learn more.

Setting Up a Saltwater Nano Reef Aquarium – What You Need to Start a Nano

Establishing a Saltwater Nano Reef Aquarium is a fantastic means to take the study the leisure activity without damaging the financial institution. Experienced hobbyists may configuration one also, simply to have a little piece of the sea that will fit practically anywhere! Nano Coral reef storage tanks function excellent for housing specialized unique fish, like Sea Horses, Pipeline Fish or Pistol Shrimp. Usually these cool creatures will certainly not succeed in your main fish tank.

5 Ways to Decorate My Home With Corner Fish Tanks

Corner aquarium are personalized aquarium utilized for decor function. Unlike various other aquarium, the edge aquarium include any type of size as well as any form feasible. While making use of a corner aquarium you are bounded only by your creativity. Below are some methods just how one can decorate his/her home with corner fish tanks.

Green Water Will Destroy Your Aquarium

Eco-friendly water, the scourge of fish tanks. The circumstance is produced by tiny vegetal cells. Overcrowding your storage tank with way too many fish for the storage tank dimension is a significant factor to the algae issue. There is absolutely nothing even more enjoyable than a properly maintained fish tank.

My Cichlids Are Dying – Please Help!

When I initially saw that my cichlids were passing away and also sick, I merely did not understand what to do. All of that time, initiative as well as cash that I had spent just made me angry. Not to point out the truth that I really cared for my Oscars. It was heart damaging seeing them in that condition. Yep, I love those big guys. They have a lot personality. I vouch they can actually acknowledge me when I walk up to the storage tank!

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