The Ecosystem Cube w/ Axelrod Rasbora (AMAZING NO WATER CHANGE Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial)

Good Plant Guide – 7 Tips For Healthy Plants

Live fish tank plants can bring a lot to a fish tank as well as have a series of demands of their very own. Maintaining your plants healthy aids them aid you keep the whole aquarium setting healthy and also vibrant.

Fertilizers For Your Plants – When to Use Them

There is a good time and also a bad time to make use of plant foods for your plants. Utilizing fertilizers enables you to solve an entire range of issues with water chemistry yet it is necessary to comprehend when the moment is right or they may bring troubles of their own to the fish tank.

How to Test For PH in Your Aquarium

A vital component of preserving an aquarium is monitoring its pH levels. This amount signifies the level of acidity or basicity of the container water. As an aquarist, it is essential to understand the importance of container water pH degrees to the health of the whole aquarium itself. In fish just setups, pH degrees may be of minimal relevance as long as it does not change or drop listed below 7.8 however in reef aquariums, it can be a make or break factor.

Betta Breeding Tips

Bettas are lovely fish and amongst the easiest aquarium fish to reproduce. Nevertheless, if you do not comprehend and also intend a few points in advance you can wind up with a disappointment. Right here’s just how to stay clear of that.

Molly Fact Sheet

The Molly is really more than one types. This reality sheet is an attempt to offer info usual to the majority of the ones regularly maintained in aquariums. One of one of the most prominent species of Molly is the Sailfin Molly, Poecilia latipinna.

Betta Types – What is the Difference?

Determining the various betta types can be a complicated job. They have been bred for over two a century, and this has created numerous of the types to resemble each other in several ways. Typically, though there are certain points you can try to find when attempting to identify the various betta kinds.

Protein Skimmers

A protein skimmer is a tool made use of primarily in marine aquariums that produces a column of bubbles that throw away from the tank will certainly stick to and rise to the top of the tank then down payment these pollutants right into the collection mug where they can be gotten rid of and dealt with. This help in water high quality as well as maintaining waste buildup from basing on the walls of your tank. The size of the protein skimmer you need to buy will certainly depend how large your tank is and just how much your spending plan enables.

Keeping Your Aquarium Clean

Maintaining a fish tank cleansing can be easy with a few basic steps. Doing these at first can be the difference in having a pleasurable and magnificent aquarium versus having a fish tank headache.

Choosing Aquarium Freshwater Fish

Details on the fundamentals of selecting your freshwater fish. This is one of the most vital choices for your freshwater fish tank.

Guppy Fact Sheet

The Guppy, Poecilia reticulata is an eye-catching and also generally peaceful fish. It was called after Robert John Lechmere Guppy who discovered this fish in Trinidad. He believed improperly that this was a previously undiscovered fish.

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