Is Coconut Oil Good For Skin: Best Practices

coconut oilWhat Is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is a very saturated oil. It is produced from raw or dried coconuts by extracting the oil.

If you keep it at room temperature, it becomes solid, but if you heat it, the oil becomes soft.

In the past, coconut oil had a bad reputation. But, nevertheless, the oil is very rich in saturated fat and get about 90% of its calories from fat. It’s also possible to use it in your skincare in various ways which will allow you to keep the glow of your skin naturally.

Why You Should Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin Instead of Lotion

Almost all advertised moisturizers make your skin feel nourished because of the water, but when it dries, your skin gets dry and dehydrated.

A lot of these moisturizers include petroleum-based ingredients that will, in the long run, suffocate your skin.

On the other hand, coconut oil provides you with a deeper cleansing for your skin.
It makes primary tissues stronger. It also helps to get rid of excess dead cells from the surface of your skin, which make it look rough and scaly.

Coconut oil can solve plenty of skin issues. It can soothe bug bites, help with any rashes, get rid of flaky skin, easily remove any eye makeup, soften wrinkles, protect you from sun damage, and it can keep your tan in place for longer.

Lastly, it can cure skin faster. This is because coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids. It will quickly absorb into the skin where it will then be used for nutrition and energy. This process provides your skin with all the energy that it will need to heal and maintain itself.

melonsIs Coconut Oil Bad For Skin?

Many studies show that coconut oil is beneficial for skin care in many ways, but, still, for some people it can be bad.

For example, if your skin is too oily, you should avoid using it, as it may block pores and cause blackheads.

You can find your own approach to find out whether coconut oil is good for you.

Additionally, if your skin is sensitive, you should start with using only a small amount or try applying it only to a small area of skin. This way you’ll see if it doesn’t cause irritation or blocked pores.

That said, if you have those skin type described above, then it’s better for you to add coconut oil to your diet and not to apply to the skin.

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin Care

  • It is antibacterial and antifungal.
  • It can help heal your acne; it kills the bacteria causing the blemishes in the skin.
  • It can be used as a deodorant and to remove any body smell.
  • Mixed with a few drops of bergamot essential oil, coconut oil can help to heal chapped lips and cold sores.
  • It is natural – has no chemicals.
  • The Vitamin E found in coconut oil helps soothe psoriasis and eczema.
  • There are three fatty acids in it: capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. They can kill candida, which is a common cause of fungal infections in the skin.
  • Coconut oil can be used as a cloth diaper cream. It can be used as a barrier to help prevent diaper rash.
  • Coconut oil helps lighten age spots.
  • It helps prevent stretch marks when pregnant.
  • If you use it regularly, it can get rid of cellulite.
  • It can help to improve the itch of chicken pox and poison ivy.
  • Coconut oil, when placed on cuticles, can help nails to grow.

How Use Coconut Oil For Skin?

coconut shampooFor face

As a face wash

As coconut oil has natural antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing properties, it can be used as a face nighttime moisturizer.

Try the oil cleansing method: just rub the oil in circular motions all over your face and neck, giving yourself a gentle massage as you go. When you finish, wash one more time with your preferred gentle face wash to make certain to remove everything.

Make a DIY face mask

Use some turmeric, lemon juice, raw manuka honey and melted virgin coconut oil for extra hydration. Apply to a clean face, leave on for at least 15 minutes.

For removing eye makeup

Pour some drops on a cotton ball and carefully sweep it over your eyes, including your under-eyes as well. The oil helps greatly break down waxy, inky eye makeup, and leaves the delicate area hydrated, too. When done, wash your face as usual.

Use it as eye cream

If you suffer from dry under-eyes, you can use it as a moisturizing eye cream. It’ll help to restore your skin colour. Just dab on a thin layer of coconut oil to dry under-eyes to hydrate and protect the skin. It’s preferable to do before going to bed.

For making a DIY lip scrub

A great deal of lip scrubs which we buy contain coconut oil – but it is quite easy to make one on yourself using coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey. It is a great moisturizing DIY lip scrub. Just try different amounts of each component to find the best ratio for you. Use it as an exfoliating treatment (wash off as you cleanse or use a damp cloth to remove) before going to bed. You will get up with softer, plumper lips nest morning.

You can also try sugar scrubs.

Coconut oil for skin and body

For hydrating dry hands

Coconut oil is wonderful for dry, itchy skin. Put a little on after washing hands to keep them soft and moist.

Use instead of lotion

It’s great for nourishing and smoothing your skin and can be used as an affordable go-to moisturizer, which smells amazing.

Handle psoriasis

Coconut oil is a safe natural cure you can try if you suffer from psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that causes skin cells to build up, which leads to rough, red, scaly patches. If you add just two tablespoons of coconut oil to the tub it will assist in relieving itchy, scaly skin.

Treat your feet

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that’s triggered by sweaty feet. Coconut oil might help soothe the infection and flaking skin. After you apply athlete’s foot treatment, top it with a layer of organic coconut oil and cover with cotton socks. This works wonders for cracked heels, too.

Soothe eczema

People who suffer from eczema can use coconut oil as a great natural cure. Just apply a light layer of virgin coconut oil to the affected area twice a day to help soothe eczema.

Now you know some popular ways and recipes for using coconut oil. If you found them helpful, please, share this article with your friends.

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