How to Care for Corydoras Catfish (Beginner Guide)

Arowana – Looking Into The Legendary Arowana

The arowana has lots of misconceptions and tales that follow it around. Read the post as well as learn why the arowana symbolizes luck, wide range and success.

The Key to a Healthy Aquarium – Conducting the Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle is one of one of the most more than looked, yet essential tricks to guaranteeing your fish tank and also fish more than happy and also healthy. It is important to recognize the role of nitrogen in a fish tank. Nitrogen as well as its substances, ammonia (NH3), nitrites (NO2) and nitrates (NO3) are all poisonous to fish as well as other living pets in a container.

Care of Discus Fish: How to Introduce Your New Discus Fish to the School

The treatment of discus fish begins as quickly as you obtain them home from the pet shop, prior to you even add them to the container with their latest buddies. Fish are specifically conscious stress, so reducing the tension on the fish is very essential for their long term health. This article will certainly discuss just how to minimize the tension of adding a fish to the storage tank on both the fish being added in addition to the existing fish in the storage tank.

Discus Care: How to Tell If Your Water Is Putting Your Fish at Risk

Fish tank water is one of the elements of discus treatment that is most difficult to preserve and calls for the most interest. Overlooking the water could put your fish in danger of illness or fatality. This article will go over three things that you must pay attention to when checking the water in your discus fish tank.

Care for Discus Fish: Top 3 Signs Your Discus Fish Is Sick

Take care of discus fish involves not only providing the appropriate diet regimen, as well as maintaining the water conditions ideal for them, however it also includes having the ability to acknowledge when your fish are sick. Recognizing exactly how your fish act and look usually will assist you in comparing which habits are your fish acting generally and also which behaviors is your fish asking for help. This article will review 3 usual points to look out for which suggest your fish may need help.

T5 Aquarium Lighting – Better Than VHO

A comparison of VHO (Extremely High Output) illumination versus T5 (High Outcome) lights. Simply by the description you would think VHO is more intense, but that is not the case.

Various Breeds of Flowerhorn Fish

Flowerhorn is an unique synthetic fish that received a lot of objections after it was disclosed to humankind. Spiritual people thought that male ought to not defy the original creation of living and non-living organisms on Earth. Various other movie critics claimed that flowerhorn fish will certainly produce a huge damage to the atmosphere once they got away. The highlights of the kamfa flowerhorn are its radiant colors and matchless projecting head. In Chinese individuals appreciate it due to the fact that they think …

Koi Colors and Your Frozen Food Aisle

Intro to koi colors, covering the breadth of the patterns as well as Japanese origins. Exposes understandings into making use of koi shades to discover healthfulness. Checks out the means coloration is made use of by breeders to identify classes of fish. Returns instructional as well as actionable info for determining primary koi kinds based on color combinations. Notes the way diet regimen, consisting of frozen food, can maximize koi shades.

T5 Lighting and LED Aquarium Lights

An intro to fish tank led lights and also even more thorough info concerning T5 illumination for saltwater fish tanks. Figure out if the moment is right to acquire LED lights for your fish tank or if you need to stick to T5.

Important Facts About Aquarium Filters and Filtering Systems

For people that love sea life and also love visiting the local aquarium, it’s only an issue of time before they end up buying several fish tanks themselves. And there’s possibly nothing more vital to the health of your storage tank than the filtering system.

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