How to Breed Apistogramma: Hatching the Eggs (Part 2)

What and When To Feed Your Pet Piranha

There is a typical false impression that you can feed anything to your pet dog piranhas as well as that’s all they need to make it through. However, that is not the situation and I’m hoping that this article can lose some light on this subject.

Ten Steps to Making Your Aquarium Algae-Free

Algae can turn a beautiful aquascape into a terrible eye-sore in a matter of days. In ponds, algae can asphyxiate the fish overnight or eliminate fish when the blossom crashes. Algal overgrowth can be as a result of a range of factors and this write-up will show you how to defeat your algal problem.

How Do You Medicate Fish?

Treatment of fish diseases can be intricate as well as it is affected by several aspects consisting of the microorganism (and the important life cycle phases), efficacy, safety and security, water specifications (volume, temperature, pH, alkalinity (KH), general solidity (GH), dissolved oxygen, activity), fish varieties, container type, purification, epidemiological information, existence of plants as well as organics, and most notably, accessibility, regulation, costs as well as client compliance. This post goes over the generalities for the different modes of administering drugs to fish.

The Pacu Piranha? Or Merely Piranha’s Ugly Cousin?

Every now and then, you will listen to a report specifying that a fisherman captured a “piranha with human-like teeth.” But is it truly a piranha?

How Do You Properly Maintain a Pet Piranha Tank?

Possessing an animal piranha is not practically establishing up their house once and afterwards ignoring it. There is a little a lot more associated with keeping a piranha storage tank as well as this short article will offer you with the necessary actions.

How to Choose Custom Aquarium Stands

So you have an aquarium pastime. You just bought a new fish tank so you can have fish in your home. Good job!

Food for Aquarium Fish

Feeding fish effectively is a fundamental part of maintaining an aquarium. Food must reach all fishes. The fish food ought to have all vital nutrients.

Snails in the Aquarium

Articles on Snails in the Fish tank. Occasionally, snails can be stunning additions in the aquarium. Various other times, they can come to be parasites which are difficult to do away with. This articles explains having snails as well as keeping the snails in control.

How to Deal With Nuisance Algae and Excessive Die-Off

Having an office or home aquarium is great, yet many individuals do not understand the maintenance and problems that can emerge when taking up this leisure activity. If you want to discover things such as hassle algae and problems with too much die-off, go here.

Finding the Best Koi Fish Food

Koi fish are one of the ideal – otherwise the very best – alternatives to select regarding pet fish are worried. They are easily adjustable, far more resistant than other fish and their wide eating routines are practical for the owner.

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