Electric Daisy and CBD Enzyme Face Mask Review

ScreenshotI have found a great company which specializes in natural skin care product. It’s called Shea Brand.

And today I want to tell you about their Electric daisy + CBD Enzyme Face Mask.

It has 50mg of CBD oil.

What Is CBD Enzyme Face Mask?

This mask is full of fruit enzymes and Omega 6. It is created in such a way that allows to gently get rid of dirt and oil from the skin. At the same time the ingredients work on making skin even, nourishing, tightening, and improving elasticity of your skin.

How Does It Work?

Instead of applying a mask made of clay to remove dirt and oil from your pores, an enzyme mask carefully removes the particles from the surface of the skin. It help get rid of dead skin cells together with dirt. It makes your face feel cleansed and plumped. And the best thing, it doesn’t make your face dry.

Besides, the main ingredients such as cassia angustifolia seed extract (which serves the same way as a natural hyaluronic acid), natural periwinkle extract (great antioxidant and tightens skin), and a mix of natural AHAs – glycolic acid to stimulate collagen – act together to restore the skin which is damaged or dull skin.

There is also Electric Daisy in it. It is a stimulating medical plant. People know it for its ability to provide a tingly feeling if you eat it or add to skincare. It can be in some cases referred to as a “natural botox”. If you add it to your skincare routine, it gives a wonderful tightening result.

How To Use CBD Enzyme Face

You should apply the mask both to face and neck till totally covered. Then wait for fifteen minutes and carefully clean off using warm water.

As to the CBD oil used in this mask, it’s produced from hemp which grows in Europe. But it’s delivered to California for testing for purity and concentration.

As it is produced from industrial hemp and not medical cannabis plants – and to make sure there are absolutely no psychoactive effects – CBD in this product is isolated from psychoactive THC or any other cannabinoids.

Where to Buy and What Is The Price?

You can buy CBD Enzyme Face Mask through the link below for $40.


Electric daisy and CBD Enzyme Face Mask Review

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