Dumbo Betta Tank: AMAZING Red Plant Aquascape Tutorial

Freshwater EELS – Eerie Or Interesting?

Alongside sharks, eels have to be the most been afraid and misunderstood fish. Eels invoke ideas of terror and also wanton devastation.

Freshwater Aquarium DIY Lighting Setups

Do It Yourself Fish Tank Lighting Configuration might be an unique and give your freshwater fish tank a fresh face-lift that would not look like you regular fish tank. This write-up would certainly discuss how to configuration your illumination system for your freshwater aquarium.

Saltwater EELS – Eerie Or Interesting?

Next to sharks, eels need to be one of the most feared and misunderstood fish. Eels conjure up thoughts of fear and also wanton devastation.

Adding Salt to Freshwater Aquarium

Practice of including salt to a freshwater aquarium is one that has actually been around for fairly a long time. There are several reasons you would aquarium salt would certainly be added to a freshwater storage tank, consisting of stress reduction, medicine, as well as to develop a native environment for fish usually located in briny water.

Do You Enjoy Watching Cichlids Breeding?

Have you ever questioned the tricks of deep space while doing something as straightforward as seeing cichlids breeding? What an incredible ritual they experience! The lady will certainly drop her eggs onto a flat surface while the man will certainly make several passes to feed the eggs.

Aquarium Cichlids

Beginning a brand-new tank? Where do you start and what do you do? I’ll attempt to answer several of those concerns.

How and When to Quarantine Your Koi Fish

While the fish remains in quarantine, you can start to feed it various kinds of food, as it might just be malnourished. You can provide it specific kinds of medicines for bloodsuckers and various other sicknesses if it necessitates it. No matter, it needs to be alone as well as away from the pack here.

What to Look For When Buying Koi Fish and How to Introduce Them to Your Pond

Check your water’s chemical degrees as well as ensure that the habitat appropriates prior to you placed brand-new fish in the water. Your fish pond will certainly need to be de-chlorinated and likewise have the correct pH, nitrite and also ammonia degrees. You can acquire materials to assist you determine this. There’s no means to do it without the correct devices. Once your water prepares to go, you prepare to present fish right into the environment.

3 Top Tropical Fish For Tanks – From R to S

3 exotic tank fish are defined right here; Taxonomic name, recommended problems, shades summary, sex distinctions and also breeding suggestions are offered for the Rosy Barb – Barbus conchonius (Household: Cyprinidae), the Striped Hatchet Fish – Carnegiella strigata (Family: Gasteropelecidae) and also the Swordtail – Xiphosphorus helleri (Household: Poeciliidae). Rosy Barb – Barbus conchonius (Household: Cyprinidae) The rosy shade is only visible when the fish is prepared to breed as well as disappears after spawning so its name is a bit deceptive. The rosy barb’s major color is greeny brownish to a darker green on its back.

Betta Fish Care – Top Secrets to Betta Fish Care

Where do you prepare to position your Betta? Would you be putting them in a fish tank or a bowl?

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