CBD and Electric Daisy Face Regenerative Serum

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Includes 50mg of CBD

Electric Daisy Face Regenerative Serum stimulates and boosts collagen production and helps cells regenerate. It is developed to hydrate and enrich the skin.

Thanks to omegas, antioxidants, and peptides, this serum nourishes skin making it plump and smooth. Includes aloe and rose flower extract which work alongside reishi mushroom extract to keep your skin healthy, soft, supple, and hydrated

This serum also includes Electric Daisy. This plant stimulates your body. People know it for its tingly sensation when you take it orally or add to skincare. When you use it on skin you will feel a powerful tightening effect.


Cannabidiol (CBD) – You may actually are aware about CBD’s healing benefits on the mind however did you realize that CBD is great for your skin, too? With significant anti-inflammatory properties, CBD works to decrease redness and swelling. By decreasing inflammation in your skin, CBD assists to maintain skin cells healthy and resistant and enhances blood circulation, which is crucial to restoring new skin cells. CBD is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and for that reason a terrific tool for keeping acne or little injuries clear of infection.

Cucumber fruit extract – Often the most effective components for your skin are also fantastic for consuming. Cucumbers are extremely hydrating and anti-inflammatory, which is excellent for fixing dry and broken skin, soothing irritation (we like using our Cucumber Hydrosol to cool a sunburn!), and providing your face a plump, smooth look.

Pisum Sativum Peptide or pea peptides – This vegetable-derived peptide serum has vital fatty acids, which assist to hydrate and stabilize your skin. Pea peptides are also an abundant source of lysine, which promotes collagen production. They work to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

How to use

Apply a few drops of serum to a clean face and spread evenly. Use in the morning or afternoon before applying an everyday, gentle face moisturizer.

Where to buy

You can get it on the company’s site. Just go to this link and see more details and pricing.


CBD and Electric Daisy Face Regenerative Serum

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