BUYING & ADDING FISH for AFRICAN RIVER TANK! (Excited, never kept these!!)

Betta Tank Maintenance Guide

To ensure your fish stay healthy and balanced you require to learn exactly how to keep up to date with the upkeep. This overview will help you maintain your fish satisfied.

How to Recognize Betta Diseases

If you have betta fish or taking into consideration acquiring betta’s, you ought to find out regarding the numerous diseases they may establish. By discovering just how to identify the diseases, you will certainly better have the ability to care for your fish.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy an Aquarium

When you consider buying a fish tank, you have to understand that having fish is a massive responsibility if you want to have healthy and happy fish. You will need to learn what fish can cohabit in the exact same fish tank and also so a lot a lot more. The major things to check out prior to you buy are …

The Beautiful Kribensis

Considering adding a couple of Kribensis to your fish tank? Discovering all you can concerning the treatment and environment …

Cichlid Convict – The Beginner’s Fish

Looking for a fish for the novice? The cichlid convict is a durable fish that is perfect for the newbie.

What Are Dragonets and What Are Copepods? How Do I Get Copepods For My Dragonets?

As you are equipping your fish tank you will certainly stumble upon interesting selections of Gobies and also Blennies. Yet they might actually be Dragonets. These fish are entertaining to view as well as are a fun enhancement to your fish tank. It is necessary to comprehend their requirements so you can take care of them effectively. Keep reading for even more information on exactly how to have a pleased prospering Dragonet in your fish tank.

Comparing the Costs of Artificial and Live Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Plants are pretty a lot vital for every single freshwater aquarium-they look excellent and provide cover for your fish. There are several benefits to both artificial as well as live plants for your freshwater aquarium. This short article checks out those benefits and also contrasts the price of artificial and also real-time freshwater fish tank plants.

Koi Fish Symbolism and Feng Shui Overview

If you are intending to raise Koi you should understand concerning the symbolic as well as Feng shui overview of this fish. The significance and also feng shui standards will reduce you to grow Koi. So, you’ll not perplex to select the right Koi as well as how to increase it in ideal way.

How to Recognize & Treat Disease in Your Aquarium

Illness in the fish tank is often the outcome of inadequate ecological problems, as this compromises the fish and makes them prone to disease. Here we explain 4 typical disorders experienced and also recommended treatments for fish lice, fungus, gill flukes and also hole-in-the-head.

How to Set Up My Hexagon Fish Tank For Freshwater Fish

If you’re the type of person that likes to break away from convention, exactly how about an extremely unusual accessory – hexagon fish containers? They’re fantastic for your home or your office due to the fact that they make it look much more vibrant and vibrant, additionally, if you’re stressed and even burnt out, watching fish swim around in a hexagon aquarium will certainly soothe and also entertain you specifically.

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