Breeding 1000’s of RARE Ram Cichlids! How to Breed Rams Cichlids Easily!

Five Fish That You Gotta Put in Your Saltwater Aquarium

Starting a deep sea fish tank is a large offer, as well as it is very amazing. Why would certainly it not be? You are bringing the sea into your home! As interesting as it is there are some vital points that you are mosting likely to need to take into consideration.

Betta Mating – The Bubble Nest Betta Way

Betta mating at times seems to be an ensured result. Your bubble nest betta male has made his nest, the betta female is reacting favorably to his amorous advances, and after that nothing.

Betta Water – Proper Betta Tank Setup For Healthy Fish

Obtaining betta water just right is the solitary most important action to increasing your betta lifespan from the sector average of six moths to a whopping 3 to 5 years. This will certainly guarantee appropriate betta temperature level and also water top quality. This generally covers heating, water set-up, filtration as well as substratum (tank flooring).

Fish Are Colour Blind

This is the secondly of a collection of write-ups concerning fish misconceptions. It considers the inquiry of fish shade vision.

3 Things to Do Before You Buy Betta Fish

I understand, I recognize! You are all fired up and prepared to buy betta fish, toss them in a dish, and also savor their elegance. Well, there will not be that much elegance to enjoy if you don’t do a few simple points initially.

Fish Only Have a 3 Second Memory

There are many “misconceptions”, or typically held ideas regarding fish. This is the very first of a series of posts about these ideas, and also manage the concern of fish memory.

Platy Fish Fact Sheet

There are two types of Platy, Xiphophorus maculatus, as well as Xiphophorus variatus. Platys are closely associated to Swordtails as well as Xiphophorus helleri, and Xiphophorus maculatus will openly interbreed with Swordtails.

A Rundown on the Most Essential Aquarium Equipment

The primary job of fish tank filters is to maintain the water clean by dealing with undesirable adjustments to the storage tank’s water problems such as physical debris (dirt, fish waste, uneaten food), toxins from decomposition of raw material like dead fish and plants, as well as undesirable chemicals from additives and medicines. The kind of filter you will need will substantially depend upon the size of your fish tank, the sort of fish you have, and also exactly how huge their populace is. A complete filtration system needs to have all stages of filtering – mechanical, chemical, as well as biological.

Before You Buy Discus Fish – 6 Easy Tips You’ll Want to Know

Discs Fish are incredible animals. They are gorgeous as well as lively. If you have actually been doing any type of research on discus fish you know simply how expensive they can be.

Harlequin Rasbora Fact Sheet

I have grown up with the idea that this wonderful fish’s taxonomic name was Rasbora heteromorpha. This used to be appropriate, with the heteromorpha referring to the truth that this fish is not a normal Rasbora. Now the name has been changed to Trigonostigma heteromorpha because of the numerous distinctions between the Buffoon Rasbora and also the other Rasboras.

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