7 Tips for Keeping Shrimp in an Aquarium

What Kinds of Betta Plants Would Be Suitable for a Betta Tank?

Not every proprietor determines to decorate his/her betta storage tank with betta plants. But those proprietors who do decide to purchase such plants generally find that they have even more valuable effects for their bettas than simply mere decor. Owners who seek to put betta plants in an aquarium commonly determine to do so for mere ornamental purposes.

Parrot Cichlid – Everything You Want Know

Parrot cichlids are a hybrid of a range of various other cichlids. They did not come onto the fish tank scene up until the 1980s. Discover more concerning this interesting cichlid varieties in this article.

Experienced Fish-Keepers Always Insist on Keeping Corydoras Catfish

Corydoras catfish can change themselves to any kind of setup. They are not vivid, yet they execute a fantastic job of maintaining the cleanliness of the fish tank. That is why they have just recently ended up being prominent among the fish caretakers.

Are Mosquito Fish the Only Solution for Mosquito Control?

Can mosquito fish be taken into consideration as the only solution for reliable control of insects? Well, there are several various other methods still offered as well as they are effective also. First off, they are not the only species of fish which consume mosquito larvae.

Jeweled Cichlid – What You Need To Know

Ornate cichlids can be aggressive under specific conditions as well as they will even consume their fry. Find out how to maintain both of those from happening by reading this post.

What’s Behind the Popularity of Siamese Fighter Fish?

You could well wonder why Siamese fighter fish are so popular, in addition to the reality that they are so beautiful and also striking. Not all tropical fish that are both striking as well as attractive, besides, are popular-fish like the discus fish are delicate and need experienced care, whereas others like the jewelfish as well as oscar cichlids are aggressive and also often ruin aquarium design and also bully their tank mates.

Creating a Conducive Environment to Help Corydoras Catfish to Breed

You ought to keep in mind a crucial point while breeding Corydoras catfish – they will not breed if they are not pleased about the setting. So to make them positive about their surroundings, you should offer a couple of hiding areas, maintain the water tidy and also devoid of poisonous components, keep the degrees of nitrites and ammonia within the limits and also if the container is as well small, you should change the water frequently.

Successfully Breed Betta Fish As a Hobby and Make Money Too!

Betta fish are preferred among fish caretakers so they are in need anytime. You can reproduce them with some details techniques and also can also generate income.

Red Devil Cichlids – Super Aggressive Or Misunderstood?

The name Red Adversary cichlids explains these cichlids quite well since they can be little devils. Find out some pointers to effectively keeping these fish with various other varieties in your fish tank.

Positioning Your Aquarium

Where you put your aquarium will certainly make a large difference to just how much pleasure you get from it for a variety of reasons. The amount of upkeep required is affected by sunlight. The fishes behaviors are changed by sound and vibration and also a container positioned on an improper stand is most likely to leakage and even fracture. A little time taking into consideration the adhering to points will ensure you obtain the maximum satisfaction from your new aquarium.

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