7 Acids You Can Try for Healthy Skin

photo 1Here are some of the most common skincare acids you can try today at home and start seeing results. Acids for skin aren’t always used but they have a great potential.

When somebody speaks about acid, you normally consider hazardous chemicals that are utilized for experiments in a laboratory with test tubes and rubber gloves.

Fortunately, this is not often the case. There are various kinds of acids, with a few of them really beneficial for you – particularly your skin.

Acids can be effective for your skin, assisting to get rid of blemishes and acne, lower age symptoms like spots and wrinkles, and assist level your complexion. There are a wide variety of natural and non-prescription skin care products that use acids for skin.

If you have an interest in including products with these kinds of components, here are a few of the leading acids for your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

The 1st acid is one you most likely know – hyaluronic acid. This kind of acid does a lot for your skin, beginning with assisting to renew its moisture. There are a great deal of brand-new products, including some with lots of natural components, that are getting popular and include this acid.

This is ideal for people with extremely dry skin, whether you have patches of dry skin, or a skin problem that makes it dry. You can renew the hydration and moisture of your skin, which is going to help in reducing the symptoms of aging, help your makeup go on smoother, and simply increase your self-confidence in general.

There are also some added advantages to using products with hyaluronic acid, including filling out your wrinkles by helping to provide your skin a good plumping increase.

Salicylic Acid

girlAnother incredibly typical acid that can really help your skin is salicylic acid. You will discover this in a lot of your store-bought skincare items, specifically the facial cleansers.

There are a range of acids referred to as beta hydroxy acids, providing a more “natural” approach to enhancing your skin without needing to use costly goods or get facials and other treatments you may not have an interest in.

Salicylic acid is discovered in numerous popular facial cleansers due to the fact that it not just assists to combat acne, but it can also exfoliate your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and cleaning out your pores. This will assist to decrease pimples and those blackheads no one desires. You will also find that it helps in reducing inflammation on your skin, and can also work as an anti-bacterial acid for your skin.

Aside from facial cleansers, you can search for this product in creams, gels, and medicated pads for your face.

Glycolic Acid

You definitely know about beta hydroxy acids, such as hyaluronic acid, however there are also a variety of alpha hydroxy acids. Glycolic is among the top alpha hydroxy acids you can utilize on your skin. If you’re worried about where it originates from – do not be. It originates from the sugar cane! This is fantastic when you are searching for anti-aging products that help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Aside from anti-aging advantages, products with glycolic acid can also assist combat acne and stop breakouts from forming, along with decreasing dark spots and helping to level your complexion. It is also found in numerous exfoliating products for your face and neck.

womanMandelic Acid For Skincare

Going on to another alpha hydroxy acid, this is among the less typical ones, however, you might be delighted to discover it is found in lots of commercial skin care products.

This is also from a natural source – bitter almonds. It works miracles for exfoliating your skin, which as you realize helps to clear dead skin cells and other bacteria from your pores.

The huge benefit for mandelic acid, compared to acids like glycolic, is that it will not be as severe on your skin. It is more for delicate skin that require exfoliating, considering that it does not permeate quite as deeply. While it is helping to clear your pores, it will also help deal with sun damage like spots and pigmentation issues.

Citric Acid

If you would like a skin acid that can assist with anti-aging, then citric acid will be your finest alternative. This, unsurprisingly, originates from citrus fruits. Due to this, it provides some natural anti-oxidants for your skin, which is going to help in reducing the indications of aging and battle free radicals that might be harming your skin.

Look at the components of skin care products that claim to be useful for the indications of aging, and you just may find citric acid listed there.

Azelaic Acid

Another of the less typical skin acids is called azelaic acid. Like lots of other skin care acids, this can help with a wide variety of things. Azelaic acid is excellent for lightening your skin if you have dark spots or pigmentation issues, can deal with acne and breakouts, and works wonders at clearing your pores.

If you have problems with irritated and inflamed skin, you will more than happy to notice that it also decreases inflammation. In a lot of cases, the acid is found in prescription-strength skin care items, so speak with your skin doctor if you are aiming to try this one on your face.

massageLactic Acid

The last facial acid on this list is lactic acid. This is a kind of alpha hydroxy acid that is going to provide really mild exfoliation on your skin.

If you have delicate skin, you may find that lactic acid is better for your skin than a number of the other alternatives.

Lactic acid originates from milk, so it also provides some natural moisture for your skin, while lowering fine lines and assisting with dark areas. It is not unusual to discover it along with other acids in the exact same skin care products.


There you go. Now you know the most effective acids for healthy skin. Start using them and you’ll definitely achieve great results. If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow us on Pinterest.

7 Acids You Can Try for Healthy Skin

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