6 Best Ways to Treat Rosacea and Redness Naturally

If you are asking yourself what the natural ways to heal rosacea and redness are, you have found the right place.

Anyone can face such problems as rosacea and redness, and when people do, they make themselves obvious. Rosacea is among the most visible conditions. A lot of people want to get rid of it as fast as possible. If you deal with rosacea and skin redness, you can try to use some of the methods, described in this article, to treat these conditions and get rid of them naturally.


Among the most popular products to treat various skin conditions is oatmeal. People know it for calming qualities for different types of skin.

It has anti-inflammatory effects, and can cleanse and moisturize your skin. To make the remedy, put freshly ground oats in water, and then use it on your face. You should leave it for at least 10 minutes prior to washing it off.


You can ask yourself how taking probiotics can help with such conditions as rosacea and skin discoloration. To answer the question it’s necessary to say that the functioning and health of many systems of our body depends on our gut health. So, everyone should take only high quality probiotic supplements and take them regularly. Your skin’s condition will definitely improve.

I can recommend a great supplement for your gut health which is called – Leaky Gut Defense.

If you have problems with your gut, the gut lining can become leaky and release toxins throughout your body. This results in inflammation, even in the skin.

But this process can be, of course, stopped in the beginning. What you need to do is take good probiotics which will make your digestive system healthier.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking apple cider vinegar can help deal successfully with a lot of health problems, including rosacea. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water and start taking it both in the morning and at night. Apple cider vinegar balances the body’s pH and you should see relief from your rosacea from 6-8 weeks after the start of this treatment.

chamomileChamomile Tea

Chamomile is not only one of the most popular teas but it’s also a natural remedy to relieve you of red skin and rosacea.

Simply steep a few teabags in two cups of hot water, put it in the fridge to cool and then use a washcloth to apply it to your face with. You should do it until you feel better.


We can advise people who suffer from rosacea to use lavender essential oil. It’s a great way to help your problem. Just pour several drops onto a cotton ball and dab it carefully onto the area of your face that has been affected.

Pay attention: You must buy only high quality essential oil.

Get Rid of Food Intolerances in Your Diet

If you eat foods that your body cannot properly digest because of intolerance to them, it can result in leaky gut syndrome, which causes widespread inflammation as was mentioned above. When you remove any foods that are a problem to you from your diet regime, your digestive health will get much better. You should also remove these irritants in order to promote whole body healing.

You can easily substitute these foods with those which are healthier and make you feel better. They are:

  • plenty of fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • healthy fats.

So, it’s quite difficult to treat rosacea, but you can definitely manage this problem and lead a happy life. You can use the natural ways described in this article to cure rosacea and improve your skin’s condition. Give a try to several of these methods today and see what a difference they can make.

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to Treat Rosacea and Redness Naturally

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