3 Tips to Get Rid of Algae in an Aquarium (Managing Easily)

Breeding Discus Fish For Fun or Profit

Breeding discus fish will be fun if you permit on your own to find out a few of the do as well as dont’s before you obtain as well involved. Discus fish lack a doubt among the most gorgeous fish to life. When you simply kick back and also watch these fish swim concerning they have ch a relaxing effect on you.

The Kissing Gourami

Kissing Gourami have the timeless Gourami form, slim however deep oblong shaped body, the dorsal as well as rectal fin are equivalent in dimension as well as length. These fish are generally purchased for their uncommon ‘kissing’ action, this is not in fact an indication of affection however rather a test of strength.

A Cleanup Crew for Your Saltwater Aquarium or Reef Tank

A cleaning team (CUC) is something that needs to be included in your deep sea fish tank established right after your tank cycle has been completed. Your cleaning team should be composed of a minimum of hermit crabs, nerite snails, nassarius snails, astrea snails, and potentially urchins, unclear chitons, limpets, emerald crabs, and also a variety of other inverts. This is usually something that is really over searched in the saltwater leisure activity, it is extremely important that you have a good clean up crew in place before you start adding fish to your storage tank.

Your First Saltwater Coral – Zoanthids, the Beginner Coral

Find out the essentials regarding obtaining your really initial reefs. Find out just how to keep Zoanthids and also how to pick the best of the best in your local fish store (LFS).

The Dwarf Gourami

Males are normally much brighter and extra colourful than women, with upright red or orange stripes on a silvery blue body, ladies have much less colouring. They have long ventral fins which have really delicate tips which they will often utilize to aid locate food. Usually maintained in sets in community tanks with other serene fish.

What To Do When Your Reef Tank Has A Bad Case of Cyanobacteria (Slime Algae) and Diatoms

If you intend on keeping a saltwater aquarium for any amount of time, whether it is a coral reef tank or a fish-only with real-time rock container (FOWLR), you are most likely to experience a break out of cyanobacteria as well as diatoms. Cyanobacteria or “Cyano” is also described as eco-friendly sludge algae (additionally comes in red and brownish).

Arowana Care – Red Arowana Part 5 – A Flaming Beauty

A Flaming Elegance Among the most extremely valued fish a collector can have in his/her aquarium is the unusual as well as lovely red arowana. Long considered by the Chinese as the symbol of wide range and prosperity and also as a company of positive Feng Shui energy, these huge fish are …

Discover Koi Fish Secrets

After years of increasing pond fish, I uncovered the Koi. I never ever believed that I would certainly appreciate them as long as I do today. At times it can be very aggravating attempting to maintain your fish pond clean and also maintain your fish from devouring all the plants you have actually placed in your pond. Throughout the years I have actually discovered several tricks as well as I desire to tell you concerning them.

Adding Some Diversity To Your Tank With Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp

A minute will certainly come when an aquarium fanatic will certainly wish to expand the pet fauna in their tank to consist of types outside of fish. Freshwater fish tank shrimp are good choices hereof.

Is the Aquarium Undergravel Filter A Good Choice?

There are lots of types of filters offered, undergravel filters being one of the least costly methods that perform both mechanical and Biological filtration. We go over just how undergravel filters job and also the benefits and drawbacks of using them.

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